“I was in an automobile accident 3.5 months prior to meeting Kristina Thuaux and had been suffering all this time due to severe whiplash with a strained neck, back and shoulder muscles. After a couple of visits to urgent care, mri's, cat scans then attending physical therapy sessions 3 times a week, seeing pain management doctors (lots of needles in my neck) to grant some degree of improvement, but I was still in pain, uncomfortable and unable to completely turn my head to the side. This impeded my personal and professional life tremendously. During my last physical therapy session they stated I had “plateau’d” with how they could help me and they “graduated” me. I was still extremely uncomfortable and felt very strange after that last session. My mom sent me an e-mail just as I was walking out of physical therapy office indicating her walking partner, who had rotator cuff surgery a couple of months before and was still having issues with her neck and shoulder, suggested I go see the pressure point massage therapist that she was seeing - referring to her as a miracle worker. I called this person (Kristina) and she was able to see me the very same day. When she was done treating me after an hour, I sat up from her table and tried to turn my neck…I started crying…I couldn’t believe I could actually turn my neck all the way. For the first time in 3.5 months I was able to turn my neck without any pain!!!! Kristina called me the next morning to check in on me – was still doing great…3 days later, I was almost feeling like the old me again. I continued to see Kristina to alleviate any stiffness that may have come back and she set me up on a regimen of stretching and muscle strengthening exercises since there had been so much damage and loss of muscle due to the accident. Kristina is extremely talented, knowledgable and reliable. She is prompt, quick and has a super fun personality. I have referred Kristina to family and friends who have also had excellent results. I highly recommend Kristina without a hint of hesitation. If you want to be pain-free, please reach out to Kristina Thuaux, it will be the best decision you can make for your health and happiness.” - Lisa C. (San Diego, CA)

“Kristina is hard working and intelligent, and cares deeply about the quality of fitness instruction she delivers. She has helped me set and reach my fitness goals. She has demonstrated various exercises to help me improve my exercise techniques.
I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to begin their journey to their fitness goals, or to those who want to take it up another level.”- Sonali S. (San Diego, CA)

I have 2 tears in my right shoulder and had no expectations when I went to Kristina for NMT.  After only two sessions, I was able to lie on my stomach and hang my arm off the massage table (something I have been unable to do for a couple of years) and I actually had a follow through on my tennis forehand! - Jane M. (San Diego, CA)