Kristina Thuaux, CSCS


  • NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Trigger Point Therapy & Functional RAnge Release

  • FRC - Functional Range Conditioning

  • Anatomy In Motion

  • NKT 3

  • DNS Exercise 3 & DNS C


  • Holist Lifestyle Coach 1

  • Golf Performance (CHEK)

  • CHEK Level 2

  • Quanta Therapies

  • Precision Nutrition

  • Restorative Breathing

  • B.S. Kinesiology


After suffering a serious injury, I know and understands the struggle of recovery. During my time managing through the difficult process to heal and get back to "normal", I became inspired to help others get the results they deeply desire in recovery and beyond. My drive led me to a degree in Kinesiology and a career in teaching, training, and helping people heal and recover in positive and rewarding way.

After years of focusing on tried and true strength and conditioning methods, I was looking for something more in-depth, taking various classes and studying multiple approaches and disciplines. First, expanding into soft tissue manipulation and trigger point therapy then, nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching, finally in the last couple years finding FRC (functional range conditioning), gymnastic/bodyweight strength training and Anatomy in Motion amongst few others. I have over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry and I am constantly striving to elevate my education and expertise.

My method of approach to injuries and performance reflects a blend of styles and modalities ranging from breathing and relaxation work, mobility training, soft tissue mobilization, strength training and nutrition. I believe that all of the aforementioned items are interdependent on one another thus require thorough assessment.

I work with wide variety of people, whose needs range from corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, general fitness, trigger point therapy, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle coaching. My individualized programs and treatments have helped many achieve pain relief, increase sports performance, help prevent future injury, and improve overall health.



  • HRV Course - Foundations of Heart Rate Variability

  • Resistance Training Specialist 

  • Z Health — Essentials, R-Phase

  • FitourAdvanced Personal Trainer Certification

  • Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques

  • Personal Trainer Certification
    National Council on Strength and Fitness

  • Personal Trainer Certification
    National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Personal Trainer Certification
    International Sports Science Association

Fredie Martinez

As a performance consultant, I help design and implement programs for groups and individuals that optimize performance and mitigate pain. What started 18 years ago as a excitement to help individuals simply look good and be fit, has evolved into my burning desire to help others enjoy an active and pain free lifestyle!. I incorporate functional neurology and movement education to “neural-hack” the brain into optimizing the body to perform better in all areas of life. From mitigating stress, optimizing learning, eliminating work related aches and pains, and of course accelerating athletic performance beyond the “training and conditioning”, already utilized by athletes. As a cook and foodie at heart, I love to share my passion for food and nutritional knowledge with clients, so they can achieve lifelong health, as well as, permanent fat loss.