Performance Training

Assessment based private, semi-private, and online fitness training.

Our philosophy is that the human body is always thriving to function at its optimal and is the ultimate healer. For optimal function to occur the interdependent systems consisting of joints, ligaments and muscles must carry out their respective roles. So, when there is reduction of movement in one area (in order to protect it) it simultaneously exposes other areas by increasing movement and thus risk of injury (also may be the site of pain). 



Our assessment aims to establish baseline for programming that reflects current abilities with respect to movement (available range of motion and quality), recovery, nutrition and health history. 

Mobility training

Effectively combining flexibility and strength training to expand available ranges of motion, movement potential, sports performance, and control of the body. This is achieved via blend of methods such as gymnastics strength training, functional range conditioning and simple old school calisthenics. 



Strength and ConditioninG

Whether you're looking to rehabilitate an injury, tone up and loose some body fat or improve your sports performance and get ready for the season, we can help! Our program design is done based on through assessment that incorporates your goals and needs  using traditional and non-traditional exercises.

  • increase range of motion and movement quality

  • Increase caloric expenditure

  • Improve strength and power

  • Increase speed and agility

  • Expand endurance and work capacity

  • Improve sports performance


We place high value on individualized attention to instruct and help our clients, however we realize that not everyone is into that. So, we decided to go with the next best thing and offer semi-private class option. The focus of the classes is strength and mobility through body-weight and gymnastic strength training.

  • systematic approach 

  • small class size (no more than 4 people)

  • increase range of motion and strength

  • more attention from instructors