Candis I.

"Love Kristina and always look forward to seeing her. She has helped me solve issues I've been dealing with for years now. I also enjoy her company! She's amazing both professionally and personally!"

Snow L.

"I have a lot of medical issues, and am always looking for new things that might help. I am fighting back from 5 autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. After fighting for years, I am down to 2 autoimmune diseases (although I lost my thyroid to the battle against Hashimoto). My healing seemed miraculous, but I was stuck for a long time. Kristina came so highly recommended, that the person who recommended her, offered to pay for the first appointment. That conviction alone made me go.

I learned some exercises that would help me, but then she started putting stickers on me (Neuro muscular therapy or something...she can explain it scientifically. I call it witchcraft, lol). I thought, “Oh great. I fell for a scam.” Within minutes, I started feeling more calm. I thought it had to be placebo. But I learned later, that it can’t be.

That first day, I had a glimpse of normal. The anxiety that I had lived with for years, was gone. My husband hasn’t been able to hold me at night for years, because I twitch so badly in my sleep, he describes it as a constant, violent seizures. That first night, the twitching was so minimal that he could hold me! And more recently, something had been blocking my body’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone, specifically T3. I suddenly began absorbing T3 better, and had to have my medication adjusted. We have been stumped by this for years, and Kristina seemed to figure it out. For difficult cases like mine, she is constantly researching, doing her homework, and consulting with doctors to know how to best treat me. Kristina really knows her stuff. I’m just asking her to help me do the “impossible”...and she is helping!"

Todd V.

"Life changer working with Kristina.
I've had Chronic neck and back issues for years following combat and professional sports.
Oncei spent time working with her and using the skills knowledge and tools she passed on to me, I became healthier every week."

Cynthia R.

"Kristina has been very helpful to me in managing a painful hip/nerve pain. She handles each person as an individual, takes time to listen to what you express re:your problems, and then watches you carefully as you move/walk etc to get to how to treat your problem. As you work with her, she continues to listen to what you say about whats working, progress etc. When I started with her, I was having difficulty walking, in a lot of pain and limping. I am now back walking, moving without pain. She is the best!!!!!!!"

Donna S.

"I have been training and doing neuro - muscular therapy with Kristina for over 5 years. She really knows her stuff and always goes the extra to help! When I was afraid to go places after femur surgery she would go to lunch with me so I would become less afraid.... She didn't tell me that was her motive ( but it was) and she decided to do that on her own time! Her caring, knowledge, commitment to help her people be the best they can be and consistent dedication make her very special!"

Dawn B.

"I have been training with Kristina for over 7 years. If it weren't for her I honesty don't know where I would be. Kristina has helped me stay mobile, balanced, and even build muscle all while I dealt with a chronic illness. She has pushed me farther than I
thought possible and introduced me to alternative exercises that worked better for the challenges that I face. Thank you Kristina!"

Steve B.

"Kristina works MIRACLES! I suffered for DECADES with pain and stiffness in my shoulders, neck, back & hips from many years of slouching over a RADAR console working as an air traffic controller. I had previously sought help from doctors, physical therapists & chiropractors with very limited results. Kristina GOT RESULTS. She also helped me with my GOLF GAME! 😮 I have better flexibility & mobility and she has helped me alleviate some of the various aches and pains I've experienced with golf."

John S.

"Core Concepts is amazing! Kristina has changed my life! As a full time professional ballroom dancer my body was starting to break down. She totally fixed me up, not to mention changed my diet too! Strongly recommended for everyone trying to change their life for the better or just to get rid of those aches and pains!"


Skip S.

"I walked in to Kristina’s office with back problems and left feeling like a new person. She embraces the concept of the consummate professional and I have nothing but respect for her. After working through a few gut inflammation issues she helped me with, I now have no more back pain, have more energy and am sleeping better. I would highly recommend core concepts if you are curious about trying something new and feeling better."


Jared C.

"Kristina is a coach/practitioner that is endlessly motivated to help you resolve your orthopedic ailments. Kristina has a great bedside manner, and I appreciate how she works collaboratively with me to not just treat but improve my movement capabilities. Unlike many coaches, Kristina is CONSTANTLY learning. Therefore, Kristina's knowledge base never grows stale, and the care you are receiving is timely, as opposed to outdated. It is an honor to have Kristina in my corner as both a friend and a coach!"


Michael C.

"Kristina can be described as providing concierge personal training- Special,Personal and Attentive. She questions, listens, assesses and delivers. I have been a client for almost 10 years and have introduced my young nephew a golfer and lacrosse player to her powers and he has benefited as we all have. She keeps up with my ever changing (aging) physical activity needs with modified curriculum."


Chad S.

"Kristina does a wonderful job of assessing, building a customized program for you, and then guiding you through the process. Her vast knowledge and experience search her and her clients well to deliver a quality program to fit anyone's needs."


Dianne S.

"I have been training with Kristina for 12 years. I first met Kristina when I had just retired and wanted to travel. My initial request was “ train me so I can lift bags into the overhead compartment on a plane”. She did that and so much more over the past 12 years. I used to have chronic back issues but I have not had any back issues in all the years with Kristina. She is very unique in that the workouts are constantly changing to correct your current specific physical issues. She constantly studies and obtains certificates in nutrition and physiology. She is incredibly knowledgeable and generously shares her expertise. She successfully works with all ages from senior citizens like myself to young professional athletes. And most of all the time spent with Kristina is always positive and uplifting. She is an extraordinary trainer."


Ariel Z.

"Kristina is The most amazing rehabilitation Trainer I have ever worked with in my life. And I've worked with quite a few. I first came to her last year when I was experiencing nerve pain due to a herniated disc, she went to the root of the cause and then branched out finding what was causing those movement pattern compensations. She help me alleviate my pain and increase my mobility better than any physical therapist or traditional doctor had. She was able to facilitate my recovery and I used her program consistently for the following six months. I had to come back to her due to an SI joint issue this last month, and again she has outdone herself. Anyone who decides to work with her or even do an initial session will not be disappointed. She has a customer for life in me, and referrals to anyone who is anywhere near her."


Missy Z.

"Kristina is AWESOME!!! She knows exactly what problem is & how to fix it. I always leave feeling better immediately! She has been a lifesaver!! Plus she's enjoyable to be around."


Caroline B.

"Kristina is fantastic! I've been training with her for about 7 years. She was able to identify issues with my low back and relieved my pain thru specialized exercises. She is highly trained in Neuromuscular Therapy and Nutrition. Through those two disciplines I now live a pain free and healthy life!"




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