Services Offered

Neuromuscular Therapy -
This is a comprehensive series of soft tissue manipulation methods that strive to balance the central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system. Neuromuscular therapy is based on neurological laws that explain the function of central nervous system in maintenance of homeostasis in the body. These laws also dictate initiation of pain response by the nervous system.
The focus of the therapy is to correct or relieve: Ischemia, Nerve Compression/Entrapment, Trigger points, Biomechanical Dysfunction, and Postural Distortion.

Corrective Exercise -
An exercise and flexibility program aiming to correct Biomechanical Dysfunction, Faulty Movement Patterns. The program is designed based on a thorough assessment of static and dynamic postures, muscle strength/tension, plumb line and abdominal wall strength. Based on assessments the base conditioning program is established with incremental progression.

Performance Enhancement -
This is a program development tailored specifically to improve performance for any given sport. After detailed assessment of the client, a program is designed that takes into consideration demands of particular sport, needs and goals of the athlete, and time constraints.

Golf Performance -
This personalized program is designed on the basis of findings from assessments of flexibility and swing (from biomechanical and postural perspective). The program is then comprised to incorporate Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power progression in order to optimally enhnace performance. We will also work together with your Golf Pro to better understand your challenges and needs.

Life Style Coaching -
Assisting clients in achieving health and fitness through guiding them in matters of nutrition and holistic lifestyle. This option utilizes a coaching model that helps clients make better choices in order to manage and eliminate disease and stress through healthy eating habits, management of lifestyle and appropriate exercises. This program strives to educate clients on how choices they make regarding food, movement,  and lifestyle choices impacts their bodies in a positive or negative ways.